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Zap! Pow! Web Solutions mission and business strategy is to assist individuals and companies     in the development and launch of strong business generating and cost effective web sites.


Zap! Pow! Web Solutions is keenly aware that a web site is the first piece of marketing material that visitors will see from your business.  A well-designed web site does more than just look good.   It works to convey a sense of professionalism and dedication that is in line with the image of your company, product, or services.           


It is the job of your web site to efficiently capture consumers, convey valuable information, and ultimately drive revenue to your business.

ZAP! POW! Web Solutions
'A Super Web to Your Rescue'


Zap! Pow! Web Solutions will provide small businesses, non-profits, and start-ups, with an affordable, profitable, innovative, and strategy driven web design.


Zap! Pow! Web Solutions is committed to transform your web site from an expense to a profitable sales tool and deliver results.

Zap! Pow! Web Solutions starts every project by listening to you, the customer.


We ask a lot of questions.  Our job is to understand your organization or business, and build a web site that embodies your mission and helps you achieve your goals.  


Tell us your ideas, and we will work with you to formulate an appropriate web site.  Whether you have an existing web site or you are starting a new project from scratch.

          Zap! Pow! Web Solutions provides...

  • Web design and development in Flash and HTML5

  • Web maintenance and enhancement 

  • Editorial support & translation services

  • Video streaming link of any of your videos

  • Google integration including Google Maps; Analytics; etc.

  • Facebook and social media networking & marketing

  • Use of Apps and subscription features

  • Domain registration & renewals 

  • Managed web hosting

  • ......and more....

                 Zap! Pow! Web Solutions provides                                      Marketing & Social Media support....

  • Implementating -- Social Media to bring attention to your website

  • Building -- SEO elements into your website for search engine purposes

  • Using -- Google; various apps; and social media pr/marketing features

  • Setting -- subscription links; blog; and calendar features as needed

  • Providing -- language translation services to reach a global market 

  • Branding -- we work with clients on a unified image, message, emotion

     Zap! Pow! Web Solutions Success is based on…
  • Experience. --------- Our staff have designed hundreds of sites

  • Balance. ----------- We’re neither solely design or technology-led

  • Business-oriented. --- Our websites give a return on investment

  • Cost-effective. ----- We manage costs to keep fees low

  • Unpretentious. ------ We’re friendly and down to earth

  • Positive. ----------- Clients often comment on our enthusiasm

  • Proactive. ---------- We offer suggestions, advice, and ideas

  • Service. ----------- We treat all our clients the same

  • Long-term. --------- We’re there to support you for as long as needed

  • Recommended. ------ Our key clients would recommend us to others


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Address  : Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone     : 902-800-2481

Skype     : Paradisenorth

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