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Coveside House Apartments

"My husband and I decided to list for sale our coastal real estate property without the assistance of a real estate broker and instead sell directly as ‘for sale by owner’.

We needed to create a dynamic web site to showcase and market our property in order to attract potential buyers to successfully sell directly to a new owner.

The team at Zap! Pow! Web Solutions were immediately able to understand the possibilities of our property and captured the vision and the many possibilities of this unique property.  They were able to organize, suggest, guide and craft the wonderful descriptions and the testimonials for our property.  The written descriptions were transcribed by the web designer to capture all this information so that with both artistry and technical knowledge, a wonderful web site was created.

We are truly indebted to our friends at Zap! Pow! Web Solutions for their understanding, guidance, knowledge, and artistic solutions in the advertising of this beautiful property.

The process to plan, design, and launch the web site was a pleasant experience and communications with Zap! Pow! was easily done even during our travels in France via Skype and e-mail.

We urge all who have unique properties for sale, to contact Zap! Pow! Web Solutions.

In doing so, you will be in the most excellent and capable hands."



St. David's United Church

 'We are truly amazed and forever thankful for the team at Zap! Pow! Web Solutions for all their support, encouragement, dedication and insight into making St. David’s United Church web page ( a reality.'


   'We have talked about a website for a number of months and were totally confused as to where to start or what price we were looking at.  We were introduced to the web master at Zap! Pow! Web Solutions who lead us through all the phases of building this site at a truly amazing price.'


   'We were guided as to the different pull down tabs we could use and advised what info would be appropriate for each tab.  The colors were chosen by the web team and we are truly astounded by their choice.  They added a video and even included musical accompaniment as you scroll through the different pages.  The web team spent many hours in consultation with us, making sure the site contained all the information we wished to display.'


   'We are truly grateful and would be honoured to refer Zap Pow Web Solutions to anyone thinking of starting a web page.'


   'Thanks again, you were a wonderful team to work with!'


   St. David’s United Church



Assisting Neighbors

“It was a pleasure working with Zap Pow Web Solutions – so easy, creative, and a pleasant experience – all resulting in a web site that is very handsome with the right message – all at a great price. 


Would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to launch a hassle free website with all the bells and whistles”



Riverside Home


"I am delighted with my new website!  The web team was easy to work with and the turnaround time was quick without sacrificing quality.” 

“While we had not discussed my company's image at the time; their own creativity produced the look, feel and sounds I needed.”  


“Zap Pow even provided editing that uplifted my text – great!”

“Excellent  service at an unbeatable price!"



Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services

“I cannot believe that it took me three tries over the past two years to get a web site built and it was such a long and painful process because I was talking with the wrong web design companies”  

“Zap Pow is not only easy to work with – but they are good guys who actually expressed how much they wanted my company to succeed….and then produced a website beyond what I had envisioned…..I am so proud to refer people to my web site”

“My budget was tight and Zap Pow really took care of me – and in return – I will always forward potential clients to them as an on-going thanks!”


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International Human Resource Partners, LLC


"Thank-you.  The web site that was created has the right look and feel and is a perfect introduction to our organization.  


The site invites the viewer to spend quality time exploring features, content, and programs offered by IHRP." 



"As an international company a web site was needed to enhance communications with our target audience(s).  Zap! Pow! Web Solutions contributed heavily in bringing to the public a very deep and rich online  shopping experience. Great job!



Virginia House


'Thanks for a job well done!  Informative not only about our business but of the surrounding area too - very clever addition to the site.  The final product is perfect and greatly appreciated.'