Web Site Functionality

 Web Site Functionality

Zap! Pow! Web Solutions confirms that clients have an understanding of both 'the big picture' of how a web site should fully express client wishes - and also understand and build in the many moving parts to create and launch a well functioning web site.


We are available to brainstorm, design, and develop a web site for you!

We will discuss and brainstorm with you the image and message you want to project.  


This would be inclusive of color scheme; text font; photos/artwork; logo; and the projection of a cohesive image across all media.


Sit back and enjoy 'Logorama' highlighting the strength of a successful logo.











We have also included a YouTube video explaining the importance of branding.


Branding captures emotional values that will appeal to the public and help attract and build a customer base.  This will be an element weaved into your web site.





- An SEO Checklist for New Web Sites -


Good overview video of how best to

capture SEO values to garner attention

via search engines.


1.) Accessibility  

2.) Key Word Targeting

3.) Content Quality and Value

4.) Design Quality

5.) Social Account Set Up

6.) Link Building


  - We can assist you in all of the above! -


Zap! Pow! Web Solutions will add features and links to your web site to enhance your message and help you reach your goals.


Examples would include: a blog; calendar of events; newsletter; marketing apps; ect.


Another example would be to create a YouTube channel to build a subscription of followers to videos you release.






Zap! Pow! Web Solutions will connect your web site to a social media network and provide assistance (as needed) in a social media marketing campaign.


Let's set aside time to discuss your ideas and needs.