Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. was established with the concept of creating a boutique management company to formulate specific strategic relationships with established companies or unique arrangements with entrepreneurs.

We have been successful identifying and inviting entrepreneurs to join our management team to create and implement an agreed to business plan embracing their idea.  This new member of our team would serve as a departmental or ‘division’ manager within our corporation with the responsibility of turning an idea into reality.

​To date Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. has either successfully launched or is currently in the development stages with service/product concepts that fall into the following categories:


  • Human Resources

  • Business Services

  • International Retail

  • Social Interest/Non-Profit

  • Literature & Entertainment

Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. philosophy of business is really about the way we embrace and support entrepreneurs and how we operate/interact with each other.  We believe it to be truly unique.


Our corporation provides ongoing functional support to each of our ‘divisions’ including:


  • Capital Investment

  • Executive Mentoring

  • Product Development Assistance

  • Legal; Financial; & Human Resources Support

  • Internet Marketing; Branding; and Public Relations Opportunities

  • Access to Global Markets & Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. International Contacts


Entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact us.