Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Paradise North Holdings, Ltd., is a boutique holding corporation with a business strategy of identifying and collaborating with entrepreneurial minded individuals to create and launch products or services. 


Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. is comprised of an executive management team supporting various divisions which have responsibility to specific disciplines as noted below:


                                          Technology                                   Retail

                                          Business Services                      Non-profit

                                          Human Resources                     Travel & Tours

                                          Fashion & Modeling                  Literature & Entertainment


Paradise North Holdings, Ltd.'s Business Services Division includes a corporate cleaning company, Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services. (Click)


Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services is managed by a ten-year veteran of corporate cleaning services and he will unveil a Franchise Program in the second half of 2020.  Ka-Pow! Cleaning Services tag line is ‘Fighting Dirt Everyday’ and it launched a twelve month travel rewards campaign to build a robust customer base with the aim to become a cleaning services industry leader.


Another Business Services Division company provides creative website design and development and is capable of collaborating and producing cost-effective websites globally.  Zap! Pow! Web Solutions introduces itself with the tag line of "A Super Web to Your Rescue!". (Click)


Zap! Pow! Web Solutions has clients with specialized needs from many different disciplines and from various countries.  Reduced billing rates are available for non-profit organizations.   The artistic and technology driven manager of this website team is expanding services to include a full range of marketing, advertising, and print material support. 


Paradise North Holdings, Ltd.’s Retail Division has secured registered trademark protection in the United States for RioShades™ an on-line retail store offering coastal resort wear and accessories.  We are pleased to announce this new venture is under development and will be available to international consumers in August, 2019.



Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. established a relationship with a New England based author and bought the rights to an environmental and internationally compelling short story about Mother Earth.


As a corporation we are committed to support communities; social awareness; and environmental protection programs.  Along these lines, our Literature & Entertainment Division is now waiting for confirmation of a United States Copyright for the story of Mother Earth. 


Once the copyright has been secured the book will be published along with a sequel; introduction of a product line; and the Non-Profit Division of Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. will be in a position to receive donations in an effort to protect natural habitats and endangered wild life.


We are currently in negotiations with fellow North American, Japanese, and Brazilian entrepreneurs seeking to establish a wide range of services and products.


We look forward to an exciting near and long term future.




“I had always imagined paradise as a kind of library”

— Jorge Luis Borges