Summary & Request

Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. is available to assist companies and start-ups as outlined under the 'How to Begin' Tab.

To determine how best to collaborate with you please prepare a summary detailing who you are; your service and/or product; and what are you requesting Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. (PNH) to provide.

This summary will be the catalyst to initate communications between our organizations.

Below is a guideline when preparing the Summary & Request.  


E-mail the completed Summary & Request to:

Timothy Driscoll

Please E-mail should you have any questions.


Section I

Your name/Title in Company:

Company/Start-up name:

Location:  City/State/Country

Contact information:  Tel/Skype/E-mail/Fax

Section II

Overview of the service or product you either currently offer or plan to offer consumers.

Do you have a Business Plan?

How or why is your product or service unique?

Please provide information relating to the current output of your operation; facility size; number of staff; inventory; and cash flow data now and future projections.

Section III 

What is the market niche for your service or product?

Provide an overview of the market; competitors; and projections of future market penetration.

Do you have a Marketing Plan? Website? Sales Forecast?  Public Relations Campaign? Use Social Media?

Section IV

What support do you need from PNH?

Please outline the functional areas of your company (or concept of a company) and the support you need in each area.

What is your timetable to secure assistance in each of the above functional areas.

Thank you for your interest in Paradise North Holdings,Ltd.