International Hero Awards 

Paradise North Holdings, Ltd.'s annual 'International Hero Awards' recognizes individuals and organizations that have demonstrated a passion for making a contribution(s) that has (or will) benefit humanity and/or nature.

Paradise North Holdings, Ltd. prepares a nominee list of individuals and organizations as contenders to receive an annual 'International Hero Awards'. Our Facebook readers also submit the names of individuals and organizations.  The final list of nominees is then reviewed and voted on by a panel of judges.

The judging panel is selected annually by Paradise North Holdings, Ltd.  The winner(s) will receive an 'International Hero Awards' jade crystal trophy.

Award nominees will come from a variety of disciplines including:

+ Technology +
+ Science +
+ Health +

+ Environmental +
+ Humanitarian +
+ Government +
   + Fine Arts +    

+ Other +


Paradise North Holdings, Ltd.'s annual 'International Hero Awards' Recipients:



 2014 Recipients

    Leonardo Di Caprio  -  Arts/Environment

    Barack Obama  -  US Government/Environment/Humanitarian

    The William & Melinda  --  Gates Foundation  - Science/Health

    Fausto Godoy  -  Brasil Government/Arts

2015 Recipients

Prince William  -  Arts/Environment/Government

Costa Rica  -  Costa Rican Government/Environment

Cyndi  Lauper  -  Arts/Humanitarian

John Glenn  -  Science/Technology

2016 Recipients


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  --  Science/Technology

Brasil Government   -  Brazilian Ministry of Health -  Health

Angela  Merkel  -   German Government  -   Humanitarian


    International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)   -  Environment

2017 Recipients

Jeff Bezos  -   Technology/Science

John  McCain  -  US Government

Ashton Kutcher  -  Humanitarian/Technology

Queen Elizabeth II  -  Government/Other

2018 Recipients

Parkland Florida Students  -  Other/Government

Robert Mueller  -  US Government

Elon Musk  -  Technology/Science/Environment

David Suzuki  -  Environment/Science