Paradise North Holdings      Services & Products

Paradise North Holding's services & products include a few operating entities showcased below. 

Zap! Pow! Web Solutions

ZAP! POW! Web Solutions
'A Super Web to Your Rescue'

Zap! Pow! Web Solutions provides web site development support to companies; non-profits, start-ups, and international customers.

Zap! Pow! Web Solutions will assist you in the creation of a web site that will showcase your service or product at a competitive price point and delivered in a timely fashion.

To learn about our web site product; development process; pricing and promotions; please use the above key for information.

We look forward to working with you.

KA-POW! Cleaning Services

KA-POW! Cleaning Services provides superior cleaning services to the local business community and looks to expand via business services contracts/franchise agreements.


KA-POW! Cleaning Services maintains a staff of reliable individuals motivated to deliver clean and sanitized work environments to our customer base.


To learn more about our services; staff; and the KA-POW! Travel Points program please visit our web site by clicking the above button.



We look forward to working with you.

'Fighting Dirt Everyday'